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Judo (“the gentle way”) was founded by Jigoro Kano, a Japanese martial artist. He adapted techniques from Jujitsu to create a more competition-based sport, distinct from other martial arts in several ways.

The aim is to throw one’s opponent onto their back, to hold them down or to apply a submission; there is no striking involved. This allows randori (sparring) at full intensity, without the risks associated with striking. Randori is a core part of judo training and allows players to practice techniques in a fast-paced setting.

The Judo Club is open to players of all levels, from those who have never tried a martial art to judoka who already have their black belt. During training the club prioritises safety and teaches beginners how to throw and fall with control.

Judo is an intense and active sport that caters to both competitive and recreational players, and we compete locally and nationally.

The club has an active social scene; organising weekly gatherings including Monday pub nights and Saturday breakfast sessions, as well as attending the Athletic Union’s Sinners events at the Union throughout the year.

Community Engagement

Through strong links with the local judo club in St Andrews, Sportif Judo, students have the opportunity to train with community members, benefitting from the diversity in coaching and training partners. In the future, the club hopes to run judo master classes as part of the University’s Junior Saints programme, with local children inspired to take up the sport and join Sportif Judo to develop their skills.

Charity Fundraising

In the past few years, the Judo Club has raised money for The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), with plans in place to expand their charity work and fundraising engagement through hosting Ceilidhs and other developmental judo competitions through the University.

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